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Crestron Programming & Design

Advanced Crestron Programming

We employ a number of accredited Crestron programmers with a vast amount of knowledge and skill – we believe we have some of the best Crestron programmers in the world. Our team are used to designing and programming easy to use, efficient and reliable systems. Our case study pages have projects which are huge (multi-processor projects with maxed out video and audio distribution systems controlled by multiple iPads for example) right through to single room solutions. They are all equally easy to use with beautiful user interfaces. Our systems have lots of unique or seldom seen features – hugely advanced party modes with simple one button operation or intercom solutions which track occupancy around the home – allowing clients to page members of the family directly. These profiles ensure things like radio favourties and dedicated sources follow you around the home – making it easy to listen to your favourtie Spotify playlist in the shower as the kitchen. All our systems contain 12 months of warranty which include programming changes, allowing clients to tweak their system once they have lived with the system for a while.

With a clients permission we usually have remote access which allows us to proactively monitor systems as well as performing updates should a clients needs change. We do not use third party programmers – all projects are programmed in house.

Custom Controls