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Crestron Video Distribution – Digital Media

Full 4k High Definition Video & Audio over One Wire.

The Crestron Digital Media system enables High Definition audio and video distribution around the home. Any variety of sources (HD and non HD) can be plugged in and distributed around the home at full 4k high definition levels. Distributing Sky HD enables recordings and HD TV to be enjoyed anywhere in the home whilst Apple TV gives easy access to online content and iTunes music. The Digital Media matrix comes in various varieties including an 8×8 (DM-MD8x8 with 8 in and 8 out) and 16×16 (DM-MD16x16) all the way through to 128×128! The DM solution can even use inexpensive Cat5e cable for shorter distances with options right up to fibre for very long distances. Room Controllers and receivers (DM-RM-100) take the signal and present it to the display, making the display think it has the source locally plugged in. Controlling the display or other equipment in the room is also a breeze thanks to the serial port, infrared port or relays built in to the Room Receiver. A huge amount of input and output cards allow us to house sources in the rooms where required – in cinemas and games rooms for example – whilst still enabling the source to be enjoyed anywhere in the home. Our standard cinema design usually includes a local input to allow clients and visitors to input laptops, video cameras or games consoles in to the system – providing huge amounts of flexibility.

Crestron Digital Media is unmatched in power and flexibility and is a great choice for a high end video distribution system.

Custom Controls