Crestron Design & Programming

Crestron Design & Programming – London | Cheshire | Dubai

Proper Crestron design is fundamental to delivering a reliable home automation system. We are an official Crestron Dealership which means we are trained by Crestron on the latest technologies and best practices for system installation and operation. We have a huge number of case studies to show clients the possibilities and have systems which are 10+ years old, still working perfectly, like they did on the day they were installed.

The first thing any Crestron system needs is to be fully drawn and mapped out. This ensures every member of our team understands exactly how the system should be installed and also the scope. Below is an example of one of our system diagrams:

Audio Video Schematic
A full Audio Video schematic for a Crestron System (c) Custom Controls (UK) Ltd.

Our usual approach is to build the “head end” AV racks in our offices – this allows us to fully test and commission the system before we arrive on site -vastly cutting down on the installation time.

Phase 2 of delivering a successful system is the programming. Our fully trained and accredited Crestron Programming team are masters at programming flexible, powerful systems which above all are easy to use. We pride ourselves on the fact we dont need to train clients on how to use their systems and they are often used by non english speaking staff and visitors. In addition to the all important interface our team spend huge amounts of time ensuring code runs as efficiently as possible and also client devices run as efficiently as possible. A great example of this is our Dubai project where we enhanced the Air Conditioning system be cycling on and off when a room is at temperature – sounds simple but saves the client huge amounts of energy!

Below is an example Crestron interface, in this case showing Sky TV controls on an iPad:

Crestron Touchpanel Interface
User Interface to control a Home Automation system.

Our methodology works just as well for a project in London or Cheshire as it does for a project on the other side of the world. We regularly work on international projects – shipping complete systems which are pre-programmed and pre-commissioned to reduce time on site and therefore client costs.

Crestron Programming Services to the trade and end clients

As part of our Crestron Maintenance & Support services we offer freelance Crestron Programming services to the trade and end clients. Too many Crestron systems are badly programmed resulting in unhappy clients – hence why we are so happy for Crestron Home OS3 to make an appearance. Home OS3 will allow Crestron dealers with little to no programming skills to produce a reliable and easy to use system.

Crestron Programming take over work

If you are a home owner with a Crestron system which doesn’t perform as it should or if you are a dealer who is over stretched then simply contact us and we can quote to revolutionise your system. We don’t always reprogram we can also fault find existing programs to improve reliability and efficiency.

Below are some examples of our normal interfaces although we are totally flexible and can design interfaces to meet a clients particular needs.

Crestron Touchpanel Design
Crestron touchpanel showing the Sky HD controls.

We Sell Crestron Equipment On-Line – Contact Us for a Quote

Crestron equipment needs to be installed by a Crestron dealer as a reliable system requires designing and programming. It is not advisable for end clients to source equipment and try to self install. Having said the above we do often sell Crestron equipment on-line direct to end clients. Things like battery packs and cables are consumable items and are well within the skill of your average home owner to replace. On occasion home owners aren’t in contact with the original owner and they still need support – we are happy to give it.
We also occasionally sell full Crestron systems – usually to be shipped overseas. We can help with the system design and even program the system remotely before shipping a full projects worth of equipment abroad. We have shipping agents who are reliable and used to dealing with the customs in the country they are shipping to – guaranteeing a safe passage for all equipment. In the scenarios where we ship a full project’s equipment we also supply elements such as TV’s, Ceiling Speakers, Projectors etc. Future Automation lifts are another example of items which just aren’t available in some territories – we happily ship from either the UK or Future Automation’s North American base.
Please call or email our London or Cheshire offices to see how we can help.