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Flexible Lighting Control Solutions for Homes

The Crestron range of lighting controls is huge and allows us to design a mood lighting system for any type of residential lighting project. A mixture of wireless and wired lighting dimmers and keypads work in harmony to allow perfect lighting levels to be recalled at the touch of a button or because of a programmed event (time of day or at a certain light level).

Crestron Wireless lighting:

Crestron Wireless Keypad

Crestron Wireless Keypad

The traditional way of wiring a home in the UK can make it difficult to retrofit a lighting solution. With a Crestron solution the usual lighting keypad can be swapped for a lighting keypad with in-built dimmer (or two if required) and then table lamps and feature lights can be added in to the system with in-line dimmer modules. Modules and dimmers can be programmed to recall a certain lighting level when a button on the keypad is pressed, allowing different lighting scenes to be created for different activities. All the keypads in the home form a mesh network so a keypad in a central place (by the front door for example) can switch off all the lights in the home when leaving or recall a scene involving multiple rooms when arriving home at night. Keypads in the home can control external lighting in addition to preset schedules (based on sunset and sunrise or times of the day) or external sensors such as motion detectors.
Lighting scenes in each room can be configured by clients simply by using an iPad – raising and lowering different lighting levels in real time and then saving for recall by a lighting keypad. iPad and iPhone connections allow remote control from outside of the home, if required, allowing clients to control their lighting (in addition to other electrical systems – such as saunas and steam rooms!) from anywhere in the world.

Crestron Whole Home Automation Installation London

Crestron Whole Home Automation Installation London

Crestron Wired Lighting:
A wired lighting system is our preferred approach for new build properties and homes undergoing substantial renovation. Lighting channels are star wired back to a central location where dimmers allow precise control. The individual dimmers have a much higher rating than the wireless dimmers and the range of dimmers allows us to control and dim any type of lamp. Keypads are wired back to a central processor using low voltage cabling. Lighting scenes and time based schedules can all be configured by the client using an iPad app.

Belgravia Living Room Cinema Installation

Belgravia Living Room Cinema Installation

Summary:The huge range of Crestron lighting controls allows us to fit a lighting control system in to any type of residential project, including replacing older unreliable and less flexible systems. We are in the process of replacing an older KNX based lighting system in a clients house – the keypads and dimmers are failing causing unreliable operation. By designing the new lighting system with a mixture of the above technologies we can replace the old KNX keypads with mains powered wireless keypads and replace the old KNX dimmers with new Crestron DIN mounted dimmers. The wireless keypads are much more reliable than the old system and the client still benefits from centralised dimmers and a hugely flexible lighting system. We hope to have a case study on this project very soon.

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