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Market Leading Crestron Smart Home Systems for Private Homes – London & Manchester

As Award Winning Crestron Dealers and Smart Home Installers – with nearly 20 years of trading – we specialise in designing and installing bespoke home entertainment systems for residential projects, from single room systems up to huge multi-zone, multi-building complexes. We have a huge number of past projects detailed on our case study pages. Only Crestron Home Automation Systems offer true flexibility – we can and do control anything electrical in the home, from saunas and fire pits through to audio video equipment and heating. Our designs ensure an easy to use future-proof solution which is easily adapted to incorporate new devices and services as they are released.

As a company we are delighted to have won the Crestron Integration Awards for five consecutive years:

This track record from a company running since 1998 makes us the perfect choice as your Crestron Installation company. We have a very close working relationship with Crestron – all our technical staff are Crestron accredited programmers and we therefore benefit from full Crestron technical support. As a company we are a Crestron dealer of distinction which ensures access to the full range of Crestron equipment and has enabled us to source equipment where others have failed. Our close ties also enable us to courier goods around the world at very little notice. We have two offices in the UK – London and Manchester – and one in the French Alps.

Crestron Home Automation & Smart Home Systems

Crestron Dealers in London

Crestron Dealers in London

Crestron Home Automation systems allow us to create Smart Home Systems which delight our customers – the system is hugely flexible and can control any electrical sub system in the home. Multi-Room Audio Video distribution and Lighting Control systems are our core offering but we regularly control a huge number of other things in the home, from heating and cooling through to security systems. Integrating devices in the home allows them to work together – saving energy – and also provides one custom designed interface simplifying their use. We have previously controlled the irrigation system for an indoor olive grove and fire pits around a swimming pool, among other things. Anything is possible and due to our flexible installations and designs we often add services onto existing systems as clients become more comfortable and experienced with the technology. Adding devices on to the smart home system allows convenient and efficient control from touch-panels and iPads, even allowing control from outside of the home. One of our favourite applications is to control steam room and saunas, allowing clients to pre-warm them before returning home – great for ski chalets!
A well designed Crestron Smart Home simplifies your life – increasing convenience by performing actions due to certain events or at certain times – for example lighting up the outside of the home when darkness falls or switching to your favourite lighting scene when you unset the security alarm. Our systems are not intrusive, clients have the ability to tweak and change settings should they choose, ensuring the system only performs actions when they require them and ensuring clients dont need to call out expensive programming resource to change settings in the future.

Whole House Crestron Lighting Control Systems

Crestron Lighting Controls

Crestron Lighting Control

LightSource by Crestron is the most comprehensive lighting control and automation system available. Crestron have utiltised their extensive knowledge to ensure seamless integration with the entire Crestron range whilst providing stand alone lighting control and dimming. We have lots of experience designing and installing Crestron lighting systems – either standalone or as part of a whole home audio visual installation and can control any type of lamp. Crestron LED Lamps are the perfect partner to a Crestron DIN rail or CLXI lighting control system. The lamps have been designed from the ground up to provide excellent light output with a smooth, controllable dimming curve. These lamps dim from 100% to 1% with zero flicker and provide a uniform colour temperature throughout the range. From ceiling down-lighters to recessed up-lighters, the range includes enough variety to keep any lighting designer happy.

The Crestron range of digital light dimming solutions includes products for most applications – we can dim mains, low voltage lights, compact fluorescent and LED’s. The actual dimmers are hidden away with only a stylish keypad on show and are scalable – in other words, we design light dimming systems for one room through to whole house and office block systems. The range is complemented by devices like motion detectors and light sensors. Imagine the lights automatically switching on when you enter a room or the lights slowly rising as dusk falls. The same light sensor could also drop the blinds or close the curtains, should the light be too bright on a summer’s day – resulting in perfect lighting whatever the weather.

Crestron LED Lamps – Efficient, Reliable & Dimmable!

The Crestron range of LED lamps is the perfect addition to a Crestron lighting system. The lamps dim perfectly from 0 to 100% brightness with flickering and have a constant colour temperature (the light they produce looks the same) throughout the dimming cycle – only getting slightly warmer as they dim down to 0%. The lamps are super efficient, with a lamp that produces equivalent light to a 50W halogen lamp only consuming approximately 11 watts at full brightness. Savings can be huge when these energy savings are applied across a whole home – the client on our Derby project estimated that his whole house was now using as much energy for lighting as his previous kitchen diner (and that is before any dimming has taken place)! The long lamp life of around 50,000 hours ensures a fit and forget system – so no more replacing bulbs!


We employ a number of accredited Crestron programmers with a vast amount of knowledge and skill – we believe we have some of the best Crestron programmers in the world. Our team are used to designing and programming easy to use, efficient and reliable systems. Our case study pages have projects which are huge (multi-processor projects with maxed out video and audio distribution systems controlled by multiple iPads for example) right through to single room solutions. They are all equally easy to use with beautiful user interfaces. Our systems have lots of unique or seldom seen features – hugely advanced party modes with simple one button operation or intercom solutions which track occupancy around the home, allowing clients to page members of the family directly. These profiles ensure things like radio favourites and dedicated sources follow you around the home, making it as easy to listen to your favourite Spotify playlist in the shower as the kitchen. All our systems contain 12 months of warranty which include programming changes, allowing clients to tweak their system once they have lived with it for a while.


We are also pleased to offer Maintenance & Support of Crestron systems installed by other dealers. By making a few simple adjustments to your existing system we can take over support and maintenance and provide a layer of reliability seldom seen on systems installed by others. Our services are unique – we offer pro-active monitoring of your system remotely which enables us to keep our costs low whilst providing outstanding levels of service. We are alerted to issues before the home owner ensuring complete satisfaction – we often dial up and deal with issues before clients are aware or organise an engineering visit. Remote access allows us to make changes to your system remotely – keeping costs down for system tweaks and programming changes whilst allowing us to respond very quickly.
We have a team of experienced engineers in the London area who are all hugely knowledgeable in Crestron installation and a number of high quality, vetted, sub contractors who we can call on to perform mains voltage work on our behalf.

Buy Crestron On-Line – the full range of Crestron Equipment

Although we don’t offer an online shop or price list for Crestron products we do often supply Crestron equipment to projects in the UK and overseas customers – making it easy to buy Crestron online. From cables and individual maintenance accessories through to equipment required for entire projects we can supply it all with fast and secure worlwide shipping. In addition to supplying Crestron hardware, we can help design systems by working off plans, sanity check a third party design, produce wiring diagrams and schematics and even program systems remotely. We have access to most products and manufacturers within the Home Automation arena so can provide all hardware required, from speakers and cables through to TVs and projectors. The easiest way to receive a quote is to email us a full kit list at our mailbox.