Case Study:- Crestron Multi-Room AV in Liverpool

Crestron Adagio Whole House Multi-Room AV & Home Cinema

Our clients were a young couple based in Liverpool who were in the process of building a new home. The brief included a whole house audio system with surround sound home cinema in the lounge and large TV’s in the kitchen and bedroom. The main requirement was to have a discreet install, in keeping with their modern and clean interior, coupled with excellent sound quality and access to IPOD’s and radio throughout the home.

Crestron Adagio Entertainment System & IPOD Docking Station

After consultation we decided to install a Crestron Adagio AES system with two integrated RDS radio tuners and Crestron APAD controllers in the rooms. In-ceiling speakers from Bowers and Wilkins are discreet when not in use but fill the rooms with sound when required. The AES controls the following centrally located sources:

  • Sky+
  • DVD
  • IPOD
  • and Radio

This means sky+ recordings and DVD’s can be enjoyed in the:

  • Kitchen on a Toshiba 42″ LCD TV
  • Lounge on a Pioneer 50″ Plasma
  • Master Bedroom on a Sharp 42″ LCD TV

and music from the IPOD and radios can be enjoyed in the above plus:

  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom

Multi-Room Audio Video System & Home Cinema Room

This whole house multiroom audio video system fulfills the needs of the family at the moment but can easily be upgraded in the future to add functionality such as hard drive music servers (Adagio Audio Server, Escient or Kaleidescape) or extra rooms as the children grow. Control of sources in the rooms is easily achieved via the intuitive Crestron APAD controllers and ML600 radio remote controls. The B&W in-ceiling speakers in the lounge fill the room with surround sound and are further enhanced by a B&W AS2 150 Watt subwoofer, perfect when combined with the 50″ Pioneer plasma TV.

This case study is a republication from our old website.