Home Cinema Dimensions

Ideal Home Cinema Dimensions & Ratios

A well designed home cinema room will allow your sound system to perform at its absolute best – home cinema dimensions are the key. Standing waves and acoustic reflections can influence even the most expensive sound system available – resulting in poor quality with hard to make out dialogue and an exaggerated bass response. Designing the room properly from the outset can minimise the unwanted effects of the room and allow your sound system to sing. There are several golden rules which should be applied to the design of the room to ensure the best possible audio experience – some are easier to implement than others, all will be better than a standard square room. The uppermost designs will give the best results moving down the scale. We also have a huge range of acoustic treatments available to ensure the best possible home cinema experience.

The Ultimate Trapagon – The Ultimate Cinema Room Shape

The Ultimate Trapagon is as good as it gets – with a little acoustic treatment your sound system will perform at its absolute best. In this design the cinema walls taper slightly towards the back whilst the roof gradually drops from the screen down to the rear of the cinema. The rear wall is then set slightly off square. In a finished room it is very difficult to see the changes but crucially the design stops sound waves reflecting back on the same path they originated from, resulting in a clear, easy to differentiate sound. The addition of some acoustic treatments also stops sound waves from reflecting too much.

The Normal Trapagon – Easier to Implement than the Ultimate Trapagon

The Normal Trapagon is easier to pull off than the Ultimate Trapagon – walls are a little squarer. The sound quality will still be vastly improved on a standard rectangular room but the design does have more of a reliance on acoustic treatments. Careful positioning of bass traps, in particular, ensures a great sound whilst the room is easier to construct and fit in to an existing space. This shape is usually installed in our cinemas at around £100k and fits perfectly in to garages and basements with our false front wall (which houses the speakers and screen) making most of the room shape.

The Golden Cuboid – Easy to Implement & Construct

The Golden Cuboid is the easiest design to implement. Following the ratios here will ensure your sound system performs well but the design does need to be combined with acoustic treatments to ensure audio sounds at its best. This design is probably the one we implement the most – clients give us an existing room which we need to fit out. By building a false wall to accommodate the front speakers and the projector screen we can influence the room dimensions to get as close as possible to the preferred ratios. We then perform an interior design service on the room with acoustics in mind. Curtains flanking the screen can add a real wow factor to the user experience and also be heavily lined to form bass traps, carpets can be specially selected to acoustically improve the room. We have multiple ways of ensuring the best audio experience possible.